One of the newer functionalities that I’ve added to my Tablecloth app was websockets to provide live updates to menu items. This would allow multiple instances of my app to subscribe to changes in my backend and display those changes on the frontend automatically.

Today, I’d like to walk through…

It’s me.

With the new years, I’ve been thinking of any resolutions that I could make while continuing my job search.

One of the many desired skills that I’ve seen for junior developer jobs was experience in Agile/SCRUM project lifecycles. These are methodologies that help structure the development process and…

It’s me.

Lately I’ve been finding myself building a lot of forms in my applications. From coding challenges to my own projects, there’s a <form/>.

So today, I will walk through creating a react form and how to send input information to a server running on your backend.

To get…

It’s me

Since last I wrote, I received a couple technical challenges as in response to a few jobs I’ve applied to.

Since I’ve dedicated more time this week completing these challenges, I wasn’t able to give my own projects as much attention as I would have liked. …

It’s me.

Starting today, I will begin documenting my coding ventures that I’ve been doing each week. Why?

Because sometimes your commit history doesn’t tell the whole story.

When we see the commit line “Feature: Upgraded entire front end to support a new framework,” we don’t get to hear about…

With this post, I’ve submitted my final project for Flatiron School’s Software Engineering program.

This final project is a culmination of all that I’ve learned until now, and what better way to do it than to present it all in a good looking application.

I’ve learned a lot during the…

For my fourth Flatiron project, I was tasked with creating a single page application. Leveraging my new knowledge of Javascript coupled with my established familiarity with Ruby, I set out to create my application.

For this project, the possibilities were boundless. My search for examples to spark ideas showed me…

For our third portfolio project, we had to create a Rails application from scratch. Using my experience working in a restaurant years back, I decided to create a Point of Sale system that would streamline some of the communication issues we had between front and back of house.



Sessions play a crucial part in making sure a user has a good experience when navigating an app. When a user opens a website, the site by itself will not remember who the user is. This is because the web uses HTTP, which means webpages do not retain information from…

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